28 November 2024, London Hilton Metropole

Enter the 30th Annual H&V News Awards!

This year marks the 30th edition of the H&V News Awards, which continue to serve as the most prestigious celebration of industry innovation and achievement.

We are excited to hear your stories of innovation and continue to showcase this by bringing people together at the awards on 28 November 2024, at The London Hilton Metropole. This will be a unique opportunity to join us for an evening that will celebrate the finest organisations, technologies and talent in the sector.

The H&V News Awards have continued to evolve in line with the pressures facing the building engineering sector to ensure buildings are safer, sustainable and ultimately more comfortable environments to live and work in. The awards are all about showing the best of what the HVAC sector can offer over the last 18 months. This is further demonstrated by our face-to-face judging format that allows all shortlisted finalists the chance to explain - in their own words - what makes their entry stand out.

For 2024, the H&V News Awards include categories honouring technical excellence and effective project management that embraces new approaches to heating, ventilation and building controls. There will also be categories looking at the work of the commercial and industrial heating sectors to account for projects in a variety of sizes and budgets.

Make the most of this incredible opportunity to reward your hard work and passion!

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