Stuart Gizzi, Inta
Stuart Gizzi

Stuart Gizzi is a distinguished figure in the UK heating and plumbing sector. Co-founder and CEO of Inta, Stuart has been a driving force behind some of the industry’s most recognisable brands.

In 1988, Stuart co-founded Altecnic with Cynthia Fisher and Barry Humphreys, which specialised in the supply of heating products such as pressure vessels and thermostatic devices. After its acquisition by Caleffi in 2005, Stuart and Cynthia launched Inta, focusing on anti-scald valves and heating system components. Now a £40m+ business, Inta is a leading name for installer-focused, reliable, and efficient plumbing components. Additionally, Stuart serves as the Managing Director of Zilmet UK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of expansion vessels and plate heat exchangers.

Stuart has been a leading voice in promoting safety in plumbing products, particularly through advocating for anti-scald and anti-legionella solutions. His leadership extends beyond typical executive duties, involving significant contributions to product innovation and market expansion, focusing on eco-friendly heating systems and anti-scald bathroom technologies.

His proactive engagement with the plumbing community has ensured that Inta’s product development closely aligns with the needs of plumbers and installers, focusing on practical, reliable solutions that enhance safety and efficiency in plumbing installations.

Under the guidance of Stuart and Cynthia, Inta has been recognised in industry awards and has solidified its position as a key player in the UK market, not only supplying its branded products but also providing white label components to other manufacturers. This strategic focus on community engagement and safety has helped shape industry standards and foster a more secure working environment for plumbing professionals.