Training Initiative of the Year

11 November 2021 | Hilton Park Lane, London


Hargreaves Ductwork introduced the Engineering Young Talent Programme in 2014 to engage students and develop budding talent. The scheme involved two local schools, Woodhey and Philips, which both specialise in maths and science. The scheme offers involvement for all ages, and different projects were created to suit each age group.

Year 7 focused on considering the health and safety of a working environment; Year 8 was asked to install a small ventilation system, paying attention to quality; and Year 10 was asked to find a solution to a heating and ventilation environmental problem.

Year 9s were involved in a hands-on open day where they were shown all areas of the company, from sales and estimating to site installation. The day also gave students the opportunity to consider a future in engineering, with talks hosted by training providers explaining the benefits of the industry as a whole.

Finally, year 11 students were invited to a recruitment drive, where they applied for jobs and came to the Hargreaves Ductwork offices for a mock interview.


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