Grosvenor House Hotel | 25 April 2019

Smart Installer of the Year 2018

Following the considerable rise in interest in smart technology in recent years, this has been a notable developing trend within the heating and plumbing sector. This category has therefore been established to recognise the domestic installer and contractor that is utilising smart technology in any of its various forms. This could be through installing the latest options to allow home owners to control their systems through their mobile device, or could equally apply to companies organising and supporting their engineers through effective use of smart phone technology.

Service & Maintenance Initiative of the Year 2018

Open to any company seen to have taken significant steps to improve standards in the area of after-sales service during 2017. The judges will look for evidence of a strategic approach that has helped to lengthen the life of installed equipment by setting up planned maintenance strategies, as well as improving environmental performance by fine-tuning or upgrading installations to the long-term benefit of clients.

Safety Initiative of the Year 2018

Individuals or organisations are expected to highlight specific initiatives that have had a significant contribution to health and/or safety during 2017. A before and after comparison is welcomed in this category, so that the effect of the initiative can be fully demonstrated. The judges will be looking for real evidence of progress in any of the following areas:

 • building services design  • product manufacture or design  • product installation, or application  • the introduction of an innovative health and safety policy

Retrofit Project of the Year 2018

With new build projects contributing a small percentage of the buildings that will be in existence when the government’s various, legally binding carbon reduction target deadlines are reached, the retrofitting of buildings is becoming increasingly important if these targets are to be attained. This award therefore recognises the projects that have refurbished existing buildings to exemplary levels, meeting the needs of the client and providing the property with a new lease of life, while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Renewable Project of the Year 2018

This is open to M&E contractors and consultants who have carried out standout renewable installations within projects. Judges will look for genuinely new innovation in these installations. Carbon cutting effectiveness, impact on lifecycle costs and the demonstration of client benefit are factors that are taken into account. The project’s environmental credentials will be scrutinised closely. Submissions are also welcomed from manufacturers, distributors and merchants, but these should be in association with the contractor and/or consultant concerned and limited to one entry.

District Heating Project of the Year 2018

There has been a considerable rise in the number of projects including district heating in the UK and this looks set to continue. The District Heating Project of the Year will recognize both community and district heating projects that embrace all aspects to best effect, including design of the plant room/energy centre, laying of correctly sized and insulated pipe work and connection to heat interface units in the appropriate locations. Details of performance levels, carbon savings or reductions in fuel poverty will be well received by the judges.

Domestic Ventilation Product of the Year 2018

Open to manufacturers of ventilation products for the domestic market, this new dedicated category has been introduced to highlight the important role of ventilation in Indoor Air Quality  Judges will look for genuine innovation or a novel application of existing technology to new markets – those launching “me–too” products should not apply. Aesthetic effect (where relevant), efficiency and the demonstration of commercial success are further factors that may be taken into account.


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