Grosvenor House Hotel | 25 April 2019

Smart Installer of the Year

Following the considerable rise in interest in smart technology in recent years, this has been a notable developing trend within the heating and plumbing sector. This category has therefore been established to recognise the domestic installer and contractor that is utilising smart technology in any of its various forms. This could be through installing the latest options to allow home owners to control their systems through their mobile device, or could equally apply to companies organising and supporting their engineers through effective use of smart phone technology.

BIM Initiative of the Year

This award will recognize the best example of promoting, educating or implementing Building Information Modelling and is open to initiatives such as training, encouraging industry engagement or implementation within a project. With the deadline for use of Level 2 BIM in public sector projects rapidly approaching, this category has been included to show the industry how they can engage with the concept to best effect.

Domestic H&V Product of the Year

Open to manufacturers of H&V products for the domestic market. Judges will look for genuine innovation or a novel application of existing technology to new markets – those launching “me–too” products should not apply. Aesthetic effect (where relevant), efficiency and the demonstration of commercial success are further factors that may be taken into account. The product’s environmental credentials will be scrutinised closely, as well as its overall effectiveness and fitness for purpose. Third party evidence of performance also gains credit.

Domestic Heating Contractor of the Year

This category is open to all companies that carried out residential heating installations for companies or organisations (as opposed to members of the public) during 2015. Evidence of improved competence and professionalism along with commercial success will be sought. Tangible results from the introduction of new initiatives must be shown. Companies will be judged by the level of innovation demonstrated, not by their size.

Commercial Building Services Product of the Year

Open to manufacturers of heating products for both industrial and commercial building services applications, the judges will be looking for the product that delivers the most in terms of energy saving and low carbon benefits. The winning entry will be the one to demonstrate the best efficiencies and proven commercial success, showing that the industry has understood and embraced the technology. Endorsement by end users will be a useful addition to the main entry.

Collaboration of the Year

Open to organisations throughout the building services sector able to demonstrate a commitment to partnering throughout 2015. The entry should demonstrate the benefits of the initiative to all the involved members of the supply chain and how it was successfully concluded, providing benefits such as improved productivity and profitability. It should also reflect the cultural benefits associated with collaborations, such as early involvement of the supply chain in projects, improved communication and higher levels of service to partners and clients.

Training Initiative of the Year

Open to all building services companies able to demonstrate a commitment to training in any area of the business during 2015. The entry should show the design, implementation and effect of the training initiative, backed up with statistical or other evidence such as an increase in profits or productivity. 

Service & Maintenance Initiative of the Year

Open to any company seen to have taken significant steps to improve standards in the area of after-sales service during 2015. The judges will look for evidence of a strategic approach that has helped to lengthen the life of installed equipment by setting up planned maintenance strategies, as well as improving environmental performance by fine-tuning or upgrading installations to the long-term benefit of clients.


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