2023 Shortlist

Apprentice of the Year

  • Olivia Hullah, Trust Electric Heating
  • Luke Deehan, Stelrad Radiators
  • Joel Wynter, Axis Europe Plc

Collaboration of the Year

  • Polypipe Building Services and Wolseley Pipe Centre
  • Finn Geotherm and Panasonic, Paragon House - 210kW Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Wirth Research and VES Andover Limited
  • Protech Group and Flogas

Commercial HVAC Product of the Year – Components and Peripherals

  • Crane Fluid Systems , Dominator Eco
  • Xylem Water Solutions UK, GHV-Hydrovar X Booster Set
  • Recutech s.r.o., VenturE-RV enthalpy heat exchanger
  • Panasonic Heating and Cooling, The air-e in-ceiling nanoe™ X Generator
  • VES Andover, AirDoor
  • Xylem Water Solutions UK, Xylem Avensor
  • Xylem Water Solutions UK, EPX Mobile Heater
  • EcoDuct, EcoDuct Transformative Ductwork Technology
  • Spire Building Services

Commercial HVAC Product of the Year – Cooling Technology

  • Toshiba, Toshiba
  • Soliterm Group GmbH, Solar thermal system with parabolic trough collector
  • Daikin UK, Daikin VRV 5 Heat Recovery
  • Sensibo, Sensibo Airbend
  • Carrier, Carrier AquaForce® Vision - Air-cooled variable-speed screw liquid chiller 30KAVIZE
  • Panasonic Heating and Cooling, PANASONIC CR Series CO2 Medium and Low Temperature Units

Commercial HVAC Product of the Year – Heat pump innovation

  • Swegon, Geyser Sky R0
  • Lochinvar, Amicus Aquastore
  • Carrier, Carrier AquaSnap® - Air-to-water scroll heat pump 30RQ / 30RQP

Commercial HVAC Product of the Year – Heating

  • AIC Heating UK, AIC Heating UK - Coilmaster
  • Trust Electric Heating, My Radiator Buddy
  • AIC Heating UK, AIC Heating UK - Texas Water Heater
  • Discrete Heat Co, ThermaCurve
  • Xylem Water Solutions UK, LNTE Hydrovar X
  • Schwank, geniumSchwank
  • Aalberts hydronic flow control, Flamco FlexFiller
  • Hysopt, Hysopt Optimiser HVAC Digital Twin
  • Enjay AB & Chapman Ventilation
  • Zehnder Group UK, Zehnder ZFP Urban
  • Riello, Riello RS ULX Ultra-Low NOx Emission Burner Series

Commercial HVAC Product of the Year – Ventilation

  • Airflow Developments, DUPLEXbase PS Range
  • CIAT, CIAT VectiosTM R-454B range of high-efficiency compact air-to-air rooftop units
  • VES Andover, AirDoor
  • Enjay AB & Chapman Ventilation, Lepido - Industrial Heat Exchanger

District Heating Project of the Year

  • FairHeat
  • Evolution Eco homes

Diversity and Inclusion Award

  • Xylem Water Solutions UK
  • Wolseley

Domestic Heating Contractor of the Year

  • Smith and Byford
  • GasCare Domestic
  • Cruickshank Plumbing and heating
  • Evolution Eco homes
  • Scott Findlay Plumbing & Heating

Domestic Heating Product of the Year - components

  • Clever Coupler, Clever Coupler
  • Resideo, Honeywell Home DT4 room thermostat
  • Drayton Controls, Drayton auto-balancing TRV
  • Sentinel Performance Solutions, Sentinel InstaCheck
  • Fernox, Fernox TF1 Sigma HP filter
  • Aalberts hydronic flow control, Flamco VacuStream
  • Copeland (formerly Emerson Climate Technologies), Copeland™ YHV low sound variable speed scroll compressors
  • Yghp, Multifuntional Heat pump connection kit
  • Inta, Inta Zero
  • Altecnic, Caleffi XF

Domestic Heating Product of the Year -boilers, heat pumps and emitters

  • Navien UK, Navien NCB700 ON Combi Crossover Boiler
  • NIBE Energy Systems, S2125 Air Source Heat Pump
  • Discrete Heat Co, ThermAssured
  • SPC - Heat Cloud, Radiant heating & Cooling
  • Thermix UK
  • Tesla UK, T-Smart ERS PRO solar divertor and smart immersion heater
  • Stovax Heating Group, Stovax Futura Range
  • 2DHeat, CasaWarma
  • Qvantum, Qvantum Apartment Heat Pump
  • Daikin UK, Daikin Altherma 3 Low Capacity Monobloc

Domestic Ventilation Product of the Year

  • Aeroseal, HomeSeal Express (HSX)
  • Brook Design Hardware Ltd ( BROOKVENT ), Glazed in vent airvent DG80
  • Vent-Axia, Lo-Carbon™ Multivent MEV Range
  • Zehnder Group UK, Zehnder ComfoAir Q600 with ComfoClime
  • fAIR, fAIR Swap
  • Vent-Axia , Lo-Carbon PoziDry Pro™ Loft PIV

Excellence in IAQ Award

  • Aeroseal
  • Sensibo, Sensibo PureBoost
  • ARM Environments, ARM Environments
  • Carrier, Carrier’s IAQ Champion
  • Fellowes

Heat Pump Project of the Year

  • Kensa Utilities, with Coastline, Heat the Streets
  • Finn Geotherm, Paragon House – University of West London
  • RPS Group, RPS Group & Salford City Council- Decarbonisation of Public Buildings
  • AIC Heating UK Ltd, Greenleaf Engineering & Wilson Gray Consulting, Abingdon Learning Trust, Fitzharrys School, Oxfordshire
  • Calibrate Energy Engineering, 8MW 3-phase Agri-solution Ground Source Heat Pump
  • Protech Group, Glasgow City Centre Decarbonisation Project
  • A consortium project led and funded by National Grid, funded through Network Innovations and OfGem with Octopus Energy partnering as the largest energy provider
  • AFS Ltd, tBBC, CIAT, Biddle, WELEDA (U.K.) Ltd
  • Carrier, Carrier Heat Pumps Deliver Optimal Environment for Patients at Musgrove Hospital

Heat Pump Project of the Year - domestic innovation

  • Matrix Energy Systems, installed by Paul Leedham
  • Toshiba, installed by Woburn Mechanical Services
  • The Intelligent Heating Company, installed by Doug Shepley, William Cummins and Matt Booth
  • Options Energy Solutions, installed by Michael Paini

HVAC Contractor of the Year

  • Swiftclean UK
  • Protech Group

HVAC Project of the Year

  • Xylem Water Solutions and Tricel Pumps
  • Meldrum Building Services
  • The Commercia Group
  • Mid-Tech Services
  • Enjay AB and Chapman Ventilation

Net Zero Impact Award

  • Trust Electric Heating, The NEOS electric radiator
  • Toshiba
  • Vent-Axia, Heat Recovery Retrofit Solution
  • Adveco, Adveco Live Metering
  • Wirth Research, AirDoor
  • Energy Efficiency at City Plumbing
  • Manrose, Making Ventilation More Sustainable
  • Heatio, The Heatio Home Energy Management System

Safety, Health or Wellbeing Initiative of the Year

  • Xylem Water Solutions UK
  • AirRated, AirRated & LGIM
  • ToughBuilt Industries UK, Kneel Smart, Kneel Safe

Small Company Achievement of the year

  • MPH Boilers
  • eFans Direct
  • HVACiQ (part of H2oiQ Limited)
  • Mid-Tech Services
  • 2DHeat
  • Endo Enterprises UK

Training Initiative of the Year

  • Vital Energi
  • Smith Brothers Stores
  • City Plumbing and GTEC Training